First Day – Phase 1

Haven's First Day at 2nd Grade 003

Someone was up at dawn getting dressed and marking off her little chores one by one, whistling while she worked. Someone was perfectly content to go to bed nearly an hour earlier than usual last night to make sure she had enough rest for the big day. Someone had her backpack, water bottle, and snack, all packed up and hung on the peg around 6 p.m. last night. Someone trotted off with her classmates this morning without so much as a look back. Any guesses?

Someone else has watched this day approach like a thick, dark, thunderstorm. Someone else felt the weight of a thousand insecurities and fears choking the breath out of her this morning. Someone else took pictures and smiled and laughed this morning, but inside she was feeling a strange mixture of proud and sad. Someone else nearly threw a tantrum just inside the door of the school when she was told she couldn’t walk her daughter to her class this morning to help her know the way, because the teachers where going to do that later and she should head on down to the gym. Someone else thinks this feeling, times about 70 trillion, will be present on Wednesday when T5 heads to Kindergarten.

Underneath it all, I do feel peaceful. I feel assured this is the right direction for now. I’ve got my list of things I’m looking for – good and bad – to help us evaluate and make the best decision for next year. I really like the teachers. I like the school.

It’s a good day, really.

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