Ben always laughs at me because I tend to really like things we will never, ever be able to afford. When given a group of nearly anything, without knowing the price, I gravitate towards expensive things. I don’t BUY them, I just LIKE them.

So, I’ve been searching thrift stores and garage sales for a bench for the kitchen table. I can’t find anything that will look good with my table, because my table is beautiful and handmade, and everything I’ve seen is ugly or too MADE IN CHINA looking. Is that offensive? Don’t get me wrong, nearly everything I own is made in China, but NOT by beautiful table.

So, I got on Etsy tonight to try and figure out what I’m really looking for anyway. Maybe I should stop looking, I thought, because what is in my brain is probably actually not in existence.

Then, I found it. Exactly what was in my brain (except for the 5 legged part. Who would have thunk it. But other than that – exactly!!!)


And guess what? It costs $1,200. Can I pick ’em, or can I pick ’em.

2 thoughts on “Whoops

  1. aSprinkling says:

    Looks like to me you need to head on over to a reclaimed wood place (where do you find those?) and get yourself a seat. Then, head on over to a thrift store and find an old chair. Then, put it all together and you’ve got your dream bench! 🙂

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