The family and I have spent the majority of our summer visiting friends, family, and supporters all over the country. We have stayed in dirty Motel 6’s and lovely homes with swimming pools and movie theaters. We have spent the night in noisy, hot down towns, and idyllic country settings – and pretty much everything in between. I’ve been in a lot of beautiful homes this summer and stepped into some pretty idealistic looking circumstances.

But as we’ve intersected these lives and stories, God has been gracious to remind me that everyone is on a journey with Him that includes blessing and suffering, cost and compensation. When I’ve been tempted to look at a life and desire it’s contents…the home, the talents, the furniture, the financial security, the season, whatever – God has whispered to my soul. I’ve sensed Him asking me,

“Yes, beautiful, isn’t it. But would you pay the cost these have paid for what I’ve given them? Would you walk the path they have? These friends are on a journey with me that it not for you. Your challenges are different and your blessings will be different as well. Take your eyes off their good things, and think on me – the author of your life, your journey, your sufferings, and yes, your blessings.”

“But God…” (think high pitched whine here!)

OK, so it’s not a natural or instantaneous transition… but it’s coming!

I’ll be off the grid for a little while as we move in on Saturday and figure out satellite Internet on the farm. I’d appreciate your prayers for us over the weekend as we move lots of heavy objects, climb many, many flights of stairs at the new place, and place our dear friends in mortal danger when we ask them to help us get our 7 million ton piano up the porch steps and into the living room.

Looking forward to posting some pics of “home,”


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