Storage Unit here I come!

Christmas is coming early for us Dagers this year. In just a few days we’ll open our storage unit and begin moving all we own into our new home, which we don’t own, but that’s another story.

Anyway, this whole packing thing started almost a year and a half ago when we were getting ready to put our home in WI on the market. I purged and packed, decluttered, etc. Then, when the house didn’t sell and we all moved down to IL last spring for the semester, I purged and packed again so we could move “light.” And then earlier this summer we moved the last off our things out of the WI home, and filled two cars with all the necessary items for living in a little cabin for a month in IN. (We really only needed the extra car to transport T5’s powerwheeler/truck thing, which was, actually, super important….probably more important than the pots and pans I dragged along.) So then, after IN, we slimmed down to just a couple of suitcases and have been living out of the van for 2 months. Phew. Got that?

What that means is, I haven’t seen many of my favorite things in over a year… pictures, knick knacks, etc.  And, the kids haven’t seen many of their toys for that long either. I admit when we packed up the house to put it on the market, I did go a little overboard. I put almost everything away…closets, toy bins, and drawers were empty. (If only I had KNOWN!!!!)

Well, you can imagine my excitement as August 1st quickly approaches. I’m going to try hard for my children’s sake, who can not wait to be surrounded by familiar “stuff,” to find a home for every single thing in that darn metal room. But, the minimalist in me would love to leave most of it there…

If you are free on August 1st, come on over to Sycamore, IL!! We could sure use the help!!

One thought on “Storage Unit here I come!

  1. I have so much to tell you, but you should know that it was your post on contentment that sent me to that house.

    i’m totally serious.

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