I hate to tell you all this, because you will officially stop feeling sorry for my little homeless self, and probably stop praying for us entirely, but I just have to spill the beans.

I haven’t cooked a meal for my family since early May.

We enjoyed some pretty darn good camp food through early June – hot breakfasts, seven lunch meat choices, and lovely dessert options each and every night!!! Then we began our month of traveling, enduring the hardship of visiting our dearest friends all over the country who for some reason love us and desire to support our work. And they all have felt led by God to feed us great meals, shower us with encouragement, and let us sleep in some of the most comfortable beds I’ve ever encountered. 

They have pulled out tubs of toys for our kids, let them love on all thier beautiful doggies and kitty cats, told us how wonderful they are (which can be hard to remember when you’ve spent 71.5 hours in the car with them), and totally understood when it’s taken me nearly an hour to put them to bed in very soft (but different and a little scary) beds.

All that to say – this summer, I’m living my nightmare and it’s turning out much differently than I expected. When Ben and I realized last spring that we’d need to put all our things in storage and spend the summer drifting from home to home, it sounded like torture.

I’m an introvert. I’m a very bad sleeper. I feared dragging the kids along to visit people, and locking up their toys for over 2 months. What will we eat? Where will we stay? What will we say to all these people who have supported us all these years? What do we have to show for ourselves after this last year at NIU? Will it be enough?

(Does this give you some clue into my crazy head or what??)

You know what? This has been one of the best summers we can remember. It’s been a very humbling and beautiful thing to realize the depth of caring and love our friends have for us. They have literally carried us through what could have been a very trying couple of months.

As we enter into this final stretch (homecoming is August 1st!!!), let me say thank you to all of you who are standing with our little family. We treasure the fellowship and support you have all demonstrated.

I sure hope I remember how to cook and clean when we get back… Tee Hee!

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