Bone Tired

These past few days have worn me out. We’ve packed up the rental house and put everything in storage. Now we are back in Madison packing up that house. Tomorrow we’ll load our piano, the monstrosity called “THE DESK” and a few other furniture items into another moving truck and put all that stuff into the storage unit.  Then we’ll begin our adventurous summer of living in cabins and traveling around the country. I won’t sleep in my own bed again until August 1st.

I’m grateful to be working with college students. This is absolutely the life I would choose for myself again and again. I hope the kids will look back on all this and choose it again too.

If anyone has paid a price over these last few months for this life Ben and I have chosen, it’s been them. Many people have reassured me that all the kids need right now is me and the stability of a loving home, and I’m sure that’s true. In retrospect I’m sure that will be how I see it too. But in the middle of it, it’s hard not to feel guilty for these past few months and all the things we’ve not been able to give them.

Their futures have been up in the air for so long now. It was only about a week ago that we figured out where we are going to live in the fall, where they are going to go to school, etc.

Last week was the first Sunday they walked into Sunday school happily and without tears of fear because they didn’t know anyone. Then we drove away for the summer.

So, if you think to pray for us over the summer, would you please pray for them. Pray for them to not feel eyes on them all summer as we live with students, friends, and family. Pray for good sleep in strange places. Pray for unexpected friends and wholesome experiences. Pray for them to feel a sense of mission with us. Pray for us to parent them well in this season – for the wisdom to be extra patient considering the circumstances, and the energy to remain intentional in leading them.

The blog may be a little sparse until we return in August, but please drop by now and then.

Lots of love!


3 thoughts on “Bone Tired

  1. Karen says:

    Jess, We are praying for you all. I can’t think of two better people to make it through what you are doing than you and Ben. You are great parents with beautiful hearts! Hang in there as you keep running along. We love you guys! Karen 🙂

  2. it was the wise Stephen Colbert (oh yeah, of the Colbert Report) who said,

    “Everything is normal to a kid.”

    : )

    (loved that song you posted on my blog, btw. LOVED it)

  3. I’ll be praying for some extra special blessings on your kiddos this summer…like students that have a real heart to love on them, unique experiences they wouldn’t have had otherwise, and awesome bonding times in the van (and elsewhere) as a family. My kids had a great time living in a hotel last summer and did so many things they wouldn’t have ever done if we had a “normal” job.

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