Of all the things…

Wouldn’t you know it. I should be cleaning, packing, arranging, and planning, and all I can do is drool over this fabric. I have no idea what I would make with it, but it is so lovely.

Has anyone ever heard of a Fabric Fairy? If so, please tell me what I need to leave under my pillow to find a yard or two of this in it’s place.


3 thoughts on “Of all the things…

  1. steph says:

    Wow – that is spectacular. I think Peacocks have something to do with royalty. So do bees. I forget which culture… The bees I think are a big thing for the Vatican. I think the Peacocks were big in China. Who knows. I’m doing my scrapbooks so I am remembering all these things from way back (=

  2. I see that fabric and all I can think of is a purse! I don’t know how large the print actually is, but I can’t get “purse” out of my mind! Fabric purses are impossible to keep clean-especially for mamas. I must be crazy. But, I love it too!

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