For the last three years, around this time of year, I’ve sent away for an information packet about adopting a child from Rwanda. I want to do this.

I also think about having another baby. I want to do this too.

What is stopping me…

1. We don’t have dental insurance.

WAIT!!!! I’m not being sarcastic!! For some reason, I feel like we can not bring any more children into our home unless the entire family is regularly visiting the dentist every six months.

For me, it’s like the bridge between being a good parent and being a “Flying by the seat of your pants” kind of parent. And the later kind can’t have fourth babies and adopt children from Africa in my book.

I know this is irrational. This is a totally made up rule. But this is the bottom line for me. How do I move this line?

5 thoughts on “Spring

  1. Hahahahahaha!!!! Dwight & I stopped at 2 because we already felt like we were flying by the seat of our pants!!! I would love to have had a 3rd, but I feel it’s “too late now” since our Jessica is gonna be 8 this month. Chalk it up to Spring fever!

    I really don’t know how some people can have 5, 6, 7+ kids. I’m guessing that they have to be ultra-organized AND ultra-frugal. I am neither one & I don’t think I’m moving that line anytime soon!

  2. ask God to give you dental insurance.

    He’ll move your lines for ya.

    : )

    Seriously, there is so much going on with us lately, I wish we could just have coffee and talk fast and listen fast. I’m thinking of you and feeling the familiarity of what you are saying.

    And I’m going to need pictures of this farmhouse of which you speak…..

  3. I agree with Ness. Give it to God. Let Him fix it or fix you–whichever He needs to. Is Rwanda even doing international adoptions right now? International adoptions are becoming very difficult world-wide and Africa seems to be some of the shakiest ground right now. It’s definitely not something you do out of the goodness of your heart. You need to know that God is leading you into it and leading you into it now. The dental insurance breakthrough might just be the thing that helps carry you through when things get tough.

    Rereading this, it seems very harsh in black and white. I don’t mean it that way at all. I mean that if God is truly calling you to Rwandan adoption, then His dental insurance miracle may be the thing you’ll need down the road to point to to say, “Yes, God opened this door for our family. Yes, we are meant to be doing this.”

    Love you,

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