These are tough days,  I  can not tell a lie.

Today I realized I don’t know where our “Very Important – Never Lose Or The World Will Stop Turning” file folder is. I carefully packed all the birth certificates, social security cards, etc. into a neat and tidy clear plastic file folder and very intentionally stowed it away on the top shelf of our school room closet when we moved here.  I probably should have left it all in Madison locked up tight.  I can not find it. I’m terrified I pitched it somehow when I cleaned out the closet last month.

Today we realized we just can not afford to leave the house in Madison vacant. It either has to sell yesterday, or we must rent it out. As much as we’d like to leave it on the market all summer long, we can’t. We know a great couple who will more than likely rent it from us, which will be wonderful, but they need it in early June because they are getting married. It sure would stink to be homeless after a wonderful honeymoon, so obviously, we’ll take it off the market so they can enjoy wedded bliss on Raymond Rd.

However, it will remain ours. This is hard.

This also means we don’t just need to dump our stuff there when we move out of our rental house and head to Indiana for the summer training program Ben is leading. We need to move all of our stuff out of the house and get it ready to be rented. (We left about 1/2 of our stuff there when we moved down to IL.) There is a list of small and medium sized things we would like to do to get it ready for the newlyweds who will call it home.

So, in the next 10 days we will????

1) Finish well with students here, including hosting a few end of the year events.

2) Pack up this house and get it back to near perfection so we can get our security deposit back.

3) Move our things in IL into a storage unit.

4) Finish planning for the summer training program. AAAAAAUUUUUGHH!!!!

5) Go to Madison. Pack up house. Fix house. (Ha Ha. If only it was that easy.) Move everything down to IL storage unit.

6) Drive to IN for training program.

Um? Is this possible? This doesn’t even include things like being parents, eating, laundry, and finishing homeschooling…HA HA HA HA…. um… am I laughing or crying? I can’t tell!

We have found a wonderful place to call home here in IL in the fall. A couple from church agreed to rent us a HUGE farm house on the family farm they own and operate. It’s everything I’ve always wanted in terms of looks…hard wood floors, high ceiling, curvy wooden staircase, and generous sized rooms. There is an office for Ben (Thank you God!!), 2 fairly updated bathrooms for the family (Thank you God!!!) and the most beautiful little foyer I have ever seen. The family from church lives across the street and they have 4 kids around the same age as ours, so despite not being in a neighborhood filled with kids, the monkeys should have a few buddies.  There are only 2 downsides…

No dishwasher. (Waaaaaaaaa. I’m such a wimp.)

No dogs allowed. (Double Waaaaaaa.)  The kids seem OK with doing chickens and getting a hamster instead.

Honestly, I’m thrilled with the place. Ben even agreed we’d need to get more furniture to fill up the place. Can I get an AMEN out there!!! The hubby agreed we NEED furniture.

So, here I am. Sitting in the rubble of 5 or 6 really nicely laid out plans. I have cried many tears over these plans. I’ve held them up to the Lord time and time again – but they are for naught. This, I guess, is the plan – for now.

I remember translating the Latin for a piece I was studying in college for my voice lessons, only to discover it was Mary’s words upon learning she would be the mother of Jesus. She simply says,

” I am the Lord’s servant, may it be to me as you have said.”

Please pray this could be my heart in the midst of all this. Thanks friends!

6 thoughts on “Rubble

  1. steph says:

    oh my dear. What a difficult and yucky spot to be in. I’m SO sorry the house hasn’t sold. What a mystery. I completely feel your pain on the action plans lying in ruins. Sigh. As always, well said on everything.

  2. sherry says:

    I’m a bit behind the times in the bloggy world…but I have to comment! Oh Jess!!!!!!!!!!!!! Surely your mansion in heaven is going to be much bigger than the rest of ours.

    I think I will go on and order you 1000 paper plates, cups…and do they make paper sippy cups???

    Praying you will see Him carrying you through this all…

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