Things that make me smile, Part I and II

Things that make me smile –  Part I


I love giving the kids the camera and looking through what they come up with. I love T5’s Spiderman shoe sneaking in over in the corner and the camera strap hanging into the frame.


Kids don’t worry about how many people are actually looking at the camera. 2 out of the 3 is pretty good!


Kids catch the best angles. Check out this shot of the most perfect lips every bestowed on any creature – ever!


Kids take pictures of import stuff…like little sisters striding across the driveway.


They also take time to document feelings…


and when their mother is growing out her hair and struggling through days of terrible “Feathering Action from the 70’s.”

Things that make me smile – Part II


A house full of students (and one 3 year old crawling all over them in her jammies.)


Students making beautiful music on my much neglected guitar.


Visiting friends…


Father and son bonding…


Very scary Bunnies made by yours truly…


Beautiful smiles and mischievious grins!

Hope you enjoy a wonderful spring day today friends!

One thought on “Things that make me smile, Part I and II

  1. Love them all!!
    My son took a pict of me a couple of weeks ago, and I told him it was *perfect* because it didn’t show my double chin! Ha. It’s on my blog.

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