Doing, doing, doing…

I’ve had to put my heart and mind a bit on the back burner over the last few days. There was just so much to get done suddenly. Easter always sneaks up on me like that. I’ve never really appreciated the practice of Lent until this year when I was really wishing I’d had some sort of preparation for the incredible remembrance of Easter.

With 24 hours to spare, I made quite possibly the ugliest stuffed bunnies out of random fabric, invited myself over to dinner with my parents, put together a random assortment of goodies and books for the kid’s Easter gift bags, (still working on making the cutest fabric baskets ever – probably will finish when they go to college), dyed eggs with the kids, and hid plastic eggs around the house for Easter morning.

My mind has been filled with “To Do Lists” a mile long, but the Lord brought a special Easter miracle that has temporarily released me from my striving. We met a dear friend from college last night at O’Hare airport during her very quick layover. She is on her way to Darfur to work with a relief organization. She has traveled all over the world over these last years, has learned Arabic, has worked with many different organizations, and had the opportunity to take a rather posh job in D.C. – but instead felt her skills would be best used in the field in one of the most dangerous places on earth.

Getting to pray with her was so encouraging. This area of the world has been on my heart for so long, and to stand next a woman who, in just a few days, will touch the hands and faces of these precious people, grounded me.

The Lord is sending help to his people through our friend. She won’t be able to solve every problem they face, but because Jesus rose again she doesn’t have to.  She has a hope that transcends the struggles of this life – even the life of the suffering. Along with all her incredible skill, she is trusting in this fact above all else to make her journey successful.

What a reason to celebrate!

One thought on “Doing, doing, doing…

  1. steph says:

    Hi friend,
    I’m slowly getting caught up on my blog reading (= How amazing to be able to catch up with your friend! I love what you said about her and about how she can/will/won’t meet the needs of folks around her there. I also think about that area quite a bit. I read a book this fall called Emma’s War which is the memoir of one woman who was a relief worker there. It dragged in some parts but was a terrific look at the many complex issues.
    Anyway. I just think you’re fabulous. and the hair looked LOVELY!

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