Another one bites the dust…

Ben and I don’t have the greatest track record with cats. We had two when we were newly married and they only lasted about a year. They were supposed to be indoor cats, but when they peed on our bed for the 5th time, we kicked them out. They lasted about 6 months after that. (We think our neighbors poisoned them for laying on their meticulously waxed Mustang.)

Anyway, you may remember we adopted Laurel a few months ago. Remember him?


Well, he’s going back to the Humane Society tomorrow. After spending over $200 to figure out why HE also pees on everything in site (I have washed the couch covers and soaked the foam inserts going on 11 times!!!!) it turns out it is some sort of emotional cat-psychosis from his days spent in a hoarding situation. Apparently, Laurel came from a home where he was one of over 30 other cats and it was imperative for him to mark “his spot” over and over again so other cats would leave it alone.

We have tried every behavior modification strategy we can think of. The vet thinks it could go away with a stress free environment. HA! We had planned on taking him to Indiana with us in a few weeks and then dragging him to wherever else we are going to live this summer. It’s only going to get worse from here for little Laurel. So, he’s going back tomorrow.

Haven is surprisingly OK with it. She hasn’t enjoyed coming downstairs every morning to help clean the pee off the shower curtain covered couches either. (We finally got smart and started covering up Laurel’s favorite places.)

Here’s hoping the next cat is a keeper – and believe me, there will be another cat or my daughter may try and become excommunicated from the family.

5 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust…

  1. We gave our cats away on freecycle if that makes you feel any better. 🙂

    I’m praying right NOW for that house to sell! Good luck on the road!

  2. Heidi says:

    Second the dog idea! We love both (we have both), but a Shi Tzu is cuddly and your kids love ours. No shedding, gentle disposition and virtually allergy free (also travels well in the car)! What more can I say! 🙂

  3. I’d laugh and point. ….

    But I’m too busy cleaning up dog barf from Sid eating the puppy’s bone, which was so small it made her gag while Peggy the Puppy took the opportunity to have diarrhea all over the living room because apparently I missed a worming shot and she is sportin’ a parasite.

    Sporting a parasite. That’s right.

    The good news….I’m totally over my “Maybe we should have another baby” kick.

  4. Oh man. Sorry that he continued peeing on everything! ARG! Well…my parents always have free barn kittens and you’re welcome to any cousin, sibling, in-bred? relatives of Mighty Junior and Paws.
    Miss you friend!!

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