I admit it. I’m a moody blogger. There are several moods I enjoy blogging in… happy, serene, spunky, even angry sometimes works pretty well, but there is one mood I can rarely write in. That would be funky.

Funky  (fŭng’kē)

Mood  associated with pessimism and weariness.

We have had a series of funky days here, but the clouds are clearing. We’ve had a lot of people walking through the house in Madison, just no offers. We are quickly approaching the 1 year anniversary mark, which I still promise to celebrate in Sassy Pants style! In just a few weeks we’ll be packing up the rental place here in Sycamore and heading out to Indiana for four weeks. If our house is still on the market at that point, we’ll head up to Madison. If not, who knows! The uncertainty can be wearisome.

Praying for our Compassion and World Vision sponsor children is one sure fire way to de-funk-a-fy a heart bound up by the worries of this world. I take out their letters and photos and begin to pray over the funny requests they have made…

“Please pray for our new baby goat – that she will grow and give us milk. And praise God for a new baby sister. Now we are family of 8!”

“Please pray for me to pass term 2. I’m sorry I did not do well last term.”

“Praise God for the funds you sent to pay for new shoes and clothing. I look handsome!”

I pray for them, study their sweet faces, and think about the relative certainty I have in my life. This softens me right up and brings much needed perspective.

Dear God,

Thank you for Emmanual, Fred, Aimee, Harufa, and Eufrases. Thank you for the blessings they are to their families and to our family. Bless them with the living water that quenches the thirst for certainty, safety, and wealth. Bless me with this living water as well, and help me shed my appetite for the things that leave me thirsty for more and more and more.

Coming up later – Another Nav rally has come and gone and I actually took PICTURES!!! You will soon see the faces of the NIU Navs! Go Huskies!

One thought on “Softer

  1. you are so right about this. I’ve been tempted to think, “I can’t afford my compassion girl.” And then I smack myself across the mouth for even thinking it. I have so much. She bought a water container with the money I sent. She puts things in focus for me.

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