Dear Witness Protection Agency…

Help! I need a new identity. My cover is blown. All possible chances for peaceful and productive integration is now futile. Send agents, new passports, and someone to pull off a tragic “house fire” in which we all perish and disappear forever.

Thanks again, and I promise to do better next time.

Jess @ Sassy Pants

Actually, what I really need to do is just grow up! This afternoon our neighbors invited my kids to come over and play. Their kids and mine had all been outside playing together and now the dreaded question…would I let them go inside the neighbors house. I’ve been back and forth about this one. From the outside I see… dad drives Harley, has many tattoos, has rough looking friends, but is really nice to us and has shoveled our driveway many times.

This family probably looks very similar to what my own family looked like when I was 5 or 6 and I know for certain any kid would have been perfectly safe in my house.

A little unsure, I started to walk the kids over just to chat about how long they could be over when I heard the dad shout the F* word at his girls who were now in their fenced in backyard.

I suddenly transformed into a 6 year old myself, and the kids and I scooted home in a jiffy, locked the doors, and have been hiding inside all afternoon.

I really wish I had handled things differently. I know that just because a person uses the F* word they aren’t evil, and it doesn’t mean they are going to hurt my kids. In fact, it’s usually the very neat and tidy people who are secretly evil and do bad things to precious children.

It’s troubling me that this family is now totally off limits for the kids just because the dad used the F* word. I’ve ascribed to him all sorts of other characteristics, bad habits, and evil vices because of what I overheard him say.

I might be right. But, I might be wrong. Which is worse? What does this mean about what I really believe in my core about loving my neighbor and the worth of every individual?

4 thoughts on “Dear Witness Protection Agency…

  1. susq says:

    oh man. that sucks. I agree with the comment above…have their kids over to your place and have them stay outside when they play at their place for now.

    Or….you can invite the parents over for one of your yummy dinners and see how it goes then.

    Or…Wheaton can hurry on up and then we’ll move and be your neighbors 🙂

  2. Jess,

    We have a “no going inside the neighbors’ houses” rule. Even if the people are absolutely wonderful and “normal,” I still don’t feel right giving them complete, unsupervised access to my kiddos.

    What a bummer that you experienced such an uncomfortable situation! I’m sure you & your hubby will come up with a solution that you’re both happy with.

  3. Perhaps you could have a bbq or something that is outside & then the neighbors could come over and you could begin to get to know them. Who knows – maybe he just had a bad day or honestly, maybe doesn’t know any different. I can totally see Jesus having a bbq with those in Bible days!

    Keep me posted though – I’d love to hear how it goes however you guys do it!

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