Me and my shadow…

I love watching my shadow when I run. I love listening to my IPod really loud too. I love the first 10 minutes of a run. I think these kinds of thoughts…

“Wow. Isn’t it great to be fit and active. I think I look pretty good out here. I think I’ve lost 5 pounds today! I’m going to give up every bad habit I have and start training for a marathon. I know I can do it. When I get home, I’ll quick work on my abs and arms too. I’m going to look amazing in that sleeveless dress by summer. I JUST KNOW IT!!”

U2 is blaring in my head. My heart is glad. The sky is blue. And then…

About a mile in today, I totally crashed. I thought these kinds of thoughts…

“I am so fat. I can not go any farther. The ring around my belly is pulling me down, down, down. My knee hurts. I’ll probably need surgery if I keep doing this stupid running thing. This is actually probably very bad for me. I should stop now. Oh no. Those people are staring at me. They think I look ridiculous. Would it be better to stop all together and lay on the ground for a minute or just walk?”

And so begins my second annual running season. Last summer I trained for a 5K. I ran across the finish line, and didn’t put my running shoes on again until today. I’m shooting to do another one in June and probably stop running right after that again. Tee Hee.

I did get some nice time in prayer in between my ego trip and when I nearly ate the sidewalk. Anyone want to join me for a 5K in June or July? Anyone? ANYONE???

5 thoughts on “Me and my shadow…

  1. This cracks me up. I want to start running. Or more specifically, 11.5 percent of me wants to start running. The other 88.5 is begging all my blog friends all over the world to stop mentioning running lest I start to believe 100 percent that I should be running.

    I threw it out to God….if you want me to run, you have to give me a sports bra and a pair of running shoes.

    There’s some bad theology for ya.

    At least I didn’t say He had to wrap it with a bow.

  2. susq says:

    hmmmm…where’s the 5K located? I need to work on ridding myself of my muffin top 🙂

    still no word from wheaton yet. still trying to wait patiently for “official word.”

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