Picture this if you will…

I can not find our firewire for the camera, so you will just have to imagine the very fun embroidery happening here at Sassy Pant’s house. H6 is close to losing her first tooth, so I made her a little tooth fairy pillow. I made the main pillow pink, used a very retro pink/green sheet I found to make the pocket, then cut  out a small scrap of linen to look like a tooth, and embroidered him a little grin.

Then I embroidered the girl’s pillowcases to say, “Sleep Tight” on the edge and added cute little owls on either side. The owls were especially fun to do.

Maybe it’s better I don’t have the camera, since now you are thinking how amazing I am and really, it’s not a big deal. Embroidery is easy, fast, and very fun –  and the best part is, it’s CHEAP!!! You should try it. It can really make something like a plain white pillow case look expensive, custom made, personalized, and beautiful  in about an hour.

I’ll post a picture when I find that blasted chord.

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