What ARE you doing?

I noticed my six year old daughter was sucking in her stomach during gymnastics class the other night. She was standing up as straight as she could, standing on her toes, and sucking in to get her ribs to show. After class I asked her about it. It seems she was trying to look like her Barbie doll.

Yikes. You can image the discussion that followed.

I would totally chuck the Barbie if she didn’t love it so much. You see, it rides a Barbie HORSE which jumps and wins plastic trophies. She does have an Only Hearts Club doll and horse which is much more normal looking, BUT – you can’t feed it tiny plastic food items to retrieve later out of a secret compartment. Shucks.

So, we are stuck with Barbie for now. I do think H6 understands that no on in the world looks like or should look like a Barbie doll. I tell her she is beautiful and healthy and strong at least 20 times a day, and so does Ben which is probably even more important. I don’t think she’ll be trying to distort her body next class, but how can I know for sure her heart hasn’t been distorted by this in some way?

Yet another reminder to pray for my precious daughters.

5 thoughts on “What ARE you doing?

  1. oh man. I’m not looking forward to having to deal with any of this kind of stuff. How scary that girls are having to grow up thinking they’ve got to suck in their tummies. Lucky for H6 that she’s got you to reverse that sick idea!!!

    we hear soon if the person offered the wheaton job accepts or turns it down. e’s next on the list if he/she turns it down. we’ll keep you updated neighbor 🙂

  2. Wow Jess. Thanks for the post! I read this via FB :). How amazing is it that a 6yr old girl already picks up on such things at looks and appearance.

    These are things I already pray for for my daughter! Thanks for the reminder!!

  3. My daughter hates Barbie Dolls, but is still obsessed with her own body image. She has already asked my (at age 7) is a particualr outfit makes her look fat! I really try not to say stuff like that around her, but one of her Grandmother’s constanty calls herself fat & it’s really driving me crazy! My skinny-minny daughter does NOT need to worry about being fat! UGH! I hate this!

  4. Gamma says:

    Tell Haven the doll is plastic, she is NOT. The doll can not feel, laugh, love, run, jump, hug, giggle, smile or touch the mane of a horse, she CAN!


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