I really love classical music. I always, always have. I used to help my mom clean the house with my headphones on listening to Rachmaninoff… and The Pointer Sisters, but that’s another story. Anyway, I still love to listen to it, and although I am an avid NPR fan, I found someplace better to listen to classical music without all the strange poetry readings (sorry poetry fans, I don’t getcha), depressing breaks for news and market analysis, or snooty interviews with snooty people about snooty things.

And, I’m very proud to say, the station is broadcast from our new campus home, Northern Illinois University! (Picture me swelling with pride.) The hosts are informative, friendly, and they don’t talk very much. They simply give an informative introduction that doesn’t require you to have a masters degree in music to decipher, and play the music.

Listen online at The website is nothing special, but the music is. It sooooooo is.

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