Two things I like and one I really do not at all.

I like…

1. The partnership we are building with a ministry in downtown Chicago called Breaking Ground. They take vacant properties in run down areas of the city, rehab them, and sell them to community members. The people who buy them help in the construction process and join a community of other home owners who support each other in home ownership – helping with repairs, upkeep, neighborhood watch, etc. There is also a wonderful evangelism and spiritual growth component which is done very well. Ben has been taking students down town once a month to help out with whatever odd jobs are available, and each time he comes back very excited.

2. Spring Hill camp in Sydney, IN. We just returned from visiting the camp. We’ll be spending a little less than a month there this summer because Ben is directing a program for college students there. He’s doing a fabulous job putting together the program, speakers, Bible studies, etc. We are going to be living in a tree house type thing…rustic but very, very memorable for the kids. The camp director has already promised H6 she can have a role in taking care of the horses. She is ecstatic!

I really do not like right now – not one bit…

1. The giant tub of nasty rainbow sherbet we bought a few weeks ago. It is corn syrup laden, sticky, and we bought so much I don’t think it’s nasty tub will ever leave our freezer. Yuck.

2 thoughts on “Two things I like and one I really do not at all.

  1. aSprinkling says:

    An idea…put some of that sherbet in a punch bowl and add some ginger ale. I’m sure it will be much yummier…and maybe you can get rid of it quicker!

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