3rd NIU Rally!!

We had our 3rd NIU rally last night at our house. It was a nice size group. The message was given by a very handsome man…hee hee, Ben. The songs were good. The games afterwards were very fun. It was good. It was gratifying.

Very slowly a sense of community is growing. Ben and I like them all a lot, and I think they are beginning to like one another too. Something beautiful is beginning to grow.

Would you please pray for this little group…that they would stay with us, continue to grow personally, and that we could build upon them an outreach and fellowship that includes their believing and non believing friends?

And would you continue to pray for this little family…that we would continue to plant ourselves in this community despite the uncertainty with our house. Just when I think the I’ve come to terms with the house still being on the market in Madison, the Lord reveals another layer of stubbornness and anxiety.

And would you continue to praise God for his love for students. You would be thrilled to hear the stories I get to hear about the way He has drawn these young women to Himself.

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