The number 7 is very important you know?

Ben and I talked a few nights ago about our plans for school after this spring. Turns out we are not exactly on the same page. Of course, we are experiencing it on two totally different levels.

It has been a lot of work for me since I’m new at this and I don’t have a pre-planned curriculum. He has seen me at the computer late into the night printing off worksheets and preparing crafts. It also hasn’t been all roses either, trying to figure out how to be mom and teacher.  It’s hard to remain emotionally neutral about their work at times.

“What!!!! Your 7 is backwards! BACKWARDS!!! You will never get a job if you can’t write at 7! OH NO!!!!!!”

All that to say, it hasn’t been easy. I don’t feel like I’m all that good at it.

On some gut level though, I like it. I like it a lot. More than I thought I would – a lot more, actually. I honestly totally expected to hate having the kids with me all day. That sounds harsh, but towards the end of this past summer, I nearly locked them all in their rooms for good.

I also thought it would feel burdensome, like an infringement on my time and energy. And honestly, I thought I might not like myself. I thought I might overnight lose my entire identity and become, “A Homeschooling Mother of Three” which in my book equaled a person who had totally lost the ability to have their own interests,  or wear anything but sweat pants.

It’s not like that.

So, where is Ben in this? I think he would still prefer we send them to school and he has some very good reasons why and it’s very possible we may do that in the fall. The public schools here are really good, better than I expected. It will be a tough decision. I guess I’m just surprised to find I will actually, genuinely feel torn.

4 thoughts on “The number 7 is very important you know?

  1. Hi friend! Let’s stick with plan B where we live in our commune together…and then we can homeschool in sweatpants together, hee hee.

    In truth I think that no matter where your kiddos go to school you’ll be teaching them so much. You’ve got so much to give them and I know that if they’re in public school you’ll be reiterating what they’ve learned that day and you’ll be a great example to them in many ways. Obviously…if you’re teaching them at home you’ll be doing that, too. How great that with either schooling method you’ll be able to guide them through it all 🙂

    miss you!

  2. Lisa says:

    What’s wrong with sweatpants? I’ve been wearing them a lot these days… : )

    I think there are positives and negatives to both homeschooling and the public schools. Whatever you and Ben (and the kids) decide, it will be good!

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