Well hello there…

We had a lovely dinner with two NIU student friends the other night. They are newly engaged and very, very, good people. You know – warm, generous, good, people. They brought the Disney version of “Scene It,” which was SO MUCH FUN! Who knew a 21 year old guy would know so much about Disney movies? Who knew my 3 year old would kill us all with her ability to name a flick just by seeing one picture from one scene. She was amazing.

That same bundle of joy accidentally whacked me in the head this morning and I chipped my tooth. Just a little. Totally and terribly noticeably to me, probably not to any one else – at least that is what Ben keeps trying to tell me. Ugh. Getting old. I’m going to show up for my big getaway in desperate need of a haircut and with a chipped tooth. Nice.

Did you catch that? Big getaway??? I’m leaving on Monday for Colorado Springs! I’ll be back Wednesday, so it will be a quick one, but a getaway none the less. I’ll be visiting with the four other gals I lived with in Colorado when we were all newly graduated from college and just getting started. We all met through Eagle Lake Camp, where each of us had worked in one capacity or another. We lived together for about 2 years before we headed out in different directions. We’ve seen each other since then, but I don’t think we’ve all been together in one place for about 5 years. It will be a sweet time.

I’ll be meeting my friend Steph’s baby girl for the first time. I already know she’s darling from keeping up with her blog. I’ll also be meeting my friend Stacy’s new baby boy. I blogged about her here. After a very long and winding road, they are in the process of adopting a baby boy. Right now, I guess, they are technically foster parents until the adoption is complete. But really, technically-schmecially – Stacy is a mommy! I’m so excited to hold that little bundle of dreams and hopes.

Ben will be super teacher/daddy/taxi driver while I’m gone. He has a ton on his plate right now, so it’s not the best timing for him. I actually can not believe he’s OK with this. He joyfully bought the ticket for me even in this season of two house payments/month. I take him for granted so much.

Anyway, I promise to take lots of pictures. I doubt I’ll post before I leave since I’ll be making chili for the masses all day tomorrow! We are hosting our very first Superbowl party on campus. I don’t even know who is playing. All I know is we’ve reserved a room on campus with a HUGE television and I hope nobody minds that I smell like onion and ground beef all day. 🙂

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