Gut check #1

I imagine I’ll have a zillion more if we continue with homeschooling past this semester, but I had my first one this week. H6’s school graciously gave me all her workbooks, etc. so I could continue basically what she’s been doing at school this coming semester. The stack included math, phonics, handwriting, and Bible curriculum with a couple of science worksheets thrown in for good measure. I’ve loved the math, and the handwriting, and the phonics. I tossed out the Bible right away in favor of something more along the lines of family devotionals. But, I’m finding that if I do phonics every single day, which I’m slated to do at this point, H6 doesn’t have very much time or energy left for reading just for fun. This has been bothering me.

I guess I’m more of a whole language person than I thought. I like the phonics, but I’d rather her just have lots and lots of exposure to words. I remember reading so much as a kid that even if I had no idea how to say a word or even what it meant I would just ascribe it some sort of meaning I could get from the context and keep going. Eventually my brain filled in the gaps. However, I was/am a very horrible speller, so I get the use of phonics. But, I’d rather she was reading a lot more during the day. But, I get phonics because I don’t want her addicted to spell check like I am. But, I’d rather she enjoy her Pet Fairy series and to heck with macrons and cedillas. But, I nearly failed 4th grade spelling and that was very embarrassing. A fourth grader should know how to spell better than this…

“I wood have called you before but I fourgot.”

So, the first gut check has arrived. Decrease phonics like my gut tells me to? Yes. Every other day, and on alternate days we will do my own version of reading for comprehension. Today we did a book she loved on hummingbirds. After she read it, I gave her a little worksheet to do that I’d made with some general and some fact finding questions to answer. She liked it. I liked it. To heck with macrons. I mean, see you tomorrow macrons.

3 thoughts on “Gut check #1

  1. ness says:

    as a person who GRADUATED from K-12th grade using the aforementioned phonics, let me tell you how it plays out:
    I am a good speller. I am a freak at grammar…I can diagram a compound-complex sentence with multiple subordinate clauses…but

    I stink at outlining. I have difficulty identifying the main idea. I can write creatively but it stresses me out to expound on a topic in the “proper way.” The drilling breaks down at some point and doesn’t always make a nice bridge to the next level of complex thinking.

    Go with your gut. It’s not like they are going to un-invent spell check.

  2. Hey, some kids don’t learn with phonics. I agree with your back and forth approach. I mean, who actually knows what macron and a cedilla are? I do, because I’ve taught them, but….really…

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