After this year of being tossed about on the nauseating Real Estate sea, neither Ben or I are up for much of a risk when we do finally buy here in our new town. We’ll probably be ultra safe and wise and prudent and cautious and vinyl and carpet and laminate and less than 5 year old appliances and new roof and tan and same mailbox as everyone else on our cul-de-sac. It will probably look like this…


Actually, this is a little nicer than what we’ll probably end up with, but you catch my drift don’t you? Safe. Very safe.

But can I just tell you that my dream house in this town is this…


Click on this photo to go and see the amazingly cool interior. It is very, very, cool. And guess what? It’s really OLD, and on a busy street!!! Risky, risky, risky. Bad, bad, bad…

(I’m already living in it when I close my eyes. This is not good.)

7 thoughts on “Risk

  1. Nice real estate site! I say #2 all the way. I’m checking out a few mansions for us to all live in 🙂

    Jannah’s missing your kiddos a lot and asking for them each day…it’s very sweet when she says “Him” “Ibby” “Haben”….sigh. I miss you guys, too!!

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