Week One Highlights

We have officially lived in Sycamore, IL for one week. 16 more until we move back to Madison if our home has not sold. I think we made this one count, but it certainly had it’s ups and downs…

1. We had 3 different students over for dinner.

2. We hosted the Bible study kick-off/game night.

3. The kids have done 3 days of home school in the dining room. Thursdays will be only a quick lesson in the morning because we have things at the YMCA all afternoon. Guess what? They were disappointed we didn’t have a full morning today. I guess that’s a good sign.

4. We have met 4 neighbors and have been invited to a sports bar next Saturday night and a Bluegrass Festival on Sunday. Very cool.

5. Our closet neighbor has shoveled our sidewalks, and we have done his.

6. We have figured out we don’t have the emotional stamina to ever purchase an old home. We’ve only lived here a week and have already had issues with the dishwasher, the garage doors, the heating (or lack of it), plaster walls, and iron saturated water. We love our little temporary home, but it’s not a keeper.

7. We have enjoyed swimming in the warmest pool in the Midwest.

8.  We have found the local bakery and were delighted to discover they make donuts EVERY night from 12 – 4 a.m. Yes!!!

9. We have eaten at the local Chinese place. We give it a 7 out of 10.

10. We all love our new library. The librarians there were actually more raucous then we were, which was a nice surprise. I’m through with grumpy children’s librarians for life.

11. We have enjoyed a visit from my parents. It took them 23 minutes to get home. Very cool.

12. I had lunch on campus with a gal and I don’t think it was totally obvious to everyone that I am 34.

13. I have magic eraser-ed all the walls and trim to my satisfaction, just so I know my own dirt when I see it.

14. We have all learned to give the toilet a courtesy flush before adding our toilet paper to the bowl. 🙂 We all learned the hard way unfortunately. 🙂

15. We have woken up every morning grateful to be together here.

2 thoughts on “Week One Highlights

  1. SA Megan says:

    Love you, miss you, and so glad to hear you are already settling in and being who you are. Just wish it was a little further (like 1000 miles) south…

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