I’ve always been a bit of wimp about driving in snow. Actually, it is more accurate to say I am a super-freaky, .5/hour, white knuckle, “You better be quiet or we are all going to DIE!!!!” type of winter driver.

Things have changed. Yesterday, in the middle of a blizzard, we all headed out to the Y, without a care in the world. No problem. No fear. No issues.

What is the difference? Flat. Flat. Flat. There is not a single hill or bump in our new town. Nothing. I can see for miles. I can probably see you right now if you wave a flag or something.

See? I’m keeping it real and positive around here! 🙂

One thought on “I am FEARLESS!!!

  1. LOL!! I love the “or we are all going to DIE” part….you’re funny. Good for flat! When we lived on the East coast in Georgia that was one of my complaints….all I can see are pine trees….in Texas I can see for miles!

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