My hero

Wouldn’t you know, the person taking care of our home in Madison for the next four months is out of town and…WE GOT A CALL FROM OUR REALTOR FOR A SHOWING TODAY!!!

So, guess who got up at the crack of dawn this morning to drive back up to Madison to set up the house for the showing? Guess who also left that early not because he really needed to but because someone else didn’t want to miss the first Sunday of church in our new town…because what if my new bestest friend is there and I don’t meet her because I’m not there today. Sound familiar?

You guessed it. Hunky Hubby left me snuggled under my mountain of blankets to take on the freezing cold, a four hour round trip drive, and an hours worth of cleaning, so I could have things my way.

Too bad gifts are my love language because all these acts of service are going to go totally unnoticed unless he comes back with some flowers or something. JUST KIDDING!!!

3 thoughts on “My hero

  1. susq says:

    Oh man! You guys should call us if you ever need someone to run over and spruce up the place. We’re so close and it’ll save you a drive. Please call us next time around, okay!!

    Hope the settling in is going great 🙂

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