6 days and counting

We are in the midst of boxes and piles right now. I actually love the whole process of packing up. I love the sorting, the purging, the rediscovering of forgotten treasures, and the orderly end result.

If you’ve read The Voyage of the Dawn Treader recently, (we just finished it last night) you may remember at the very end when Reepicheep sails his boat over a gigantic wave which is the entrance to Aslan’s country. He rides it higher and higher until he comes to the very tippy top of the crest, and then he disappears.  I imagined his anticipation and resolution growing with every inch… the desire to look back diminishing as he caught glimpses of what was just ahead.

This is just what we are feeling as a family. The Lord has provided so generously for our move, the anxiety we felt in  taking this step of faith as been replaced with an excitement and peace of the supernatural variety. We are ready to squish into our new home and see what God has in store.

I plan on posting some pictures soon of our empty home, and our new place in IL. I can’t wait to show you the MONKEYS!!!

I’m thinking about making a resolution or two for the new year, but typical of me, I’m holding back. Care to share what you are resolving for 2009?

6 thoughts on “6 days and counting

  1. steph carlson says:

    I am totally with you on loving the packing process that allows for purging. It was SO great to do in Oman when we were packing up the house for the other family to move in!
    Then we got home and I have MORE stuff here – you know how it is at your parent’s house….stuff in nooks and crannys. sigh.
    Totally NOT thinking about resolutions. I hate the crashing failure at some point during the year (= I feel better making resolutions about March when I have a better sense of the year, but I still don’t love it!

  2. No artificial sweetener, though I haven’t started yet! LOL I’m being frugal and using up all I have in the house first then I’ll begin. It will be hard.

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