We’ve had a few very quite days here. Christmas was beautiful. …white, peaceful, fun. The kids were genuinely excited for each other’s gifts, and have enjoyed playing together for three days straight. We’ve gotten some additional packing done, and enjoyed countless Christmas letters and filled our “Friends” board with wonderful pics of new babies and older and wiser smiles.

Good. Things are good. We’ve found a student who will act as a caretaker for the home while we are gone. Not exactly a renter, but it will be a blessing to have him here looking after things. The utilities (and internet – AMEN!!) are all set up in the new place and plans for packing and unpacking are under way.

I am feeling a bit restless as we are in that strange in between time when we have left so many things already, still have many goodbyes to make, and yet, we are still here. The end is in sight, but it is still 12 days away.

It got to me tonight. I was dropping off a bag of things for H6 who is spending the night at her best bud’s home, and when her mom asked if I’d like to come in for a cup of coffee, I nearly ran over her. I was so eager to just have a little chat with someone, I could barely contain myself. It was wonderful to just blab about anything and everything with another women who understands the stress and strain of a move. She asked some good questions, shared some great nuggets of truth and encouragement, and just let me go on and on about all that I’m thinking about.

I left refreshed and less restless. God Bless you Cathy!

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