No I am not!

Dear Family and Friends,

So, in a few days, you are going to tear open your Christmas presents and notice that every single one of them from me was made by yours truly. Let me tell you how this happened.

I actually, at first thought it was a great idea. I picked out all the projects, and bought all the fabric – basically wiping out the Christmas budget, so there was no turning back. Everyone, everyone, everyone – would be getting a hand made gift.

You know, I definitely want to keep sewing and giving away hand-made goodies, but I promise, I am not warping into the person in the family who always sends the ugly pot holders she knitted by hand. I promise to only get better, and hipper in all crafty areas, and to know my boundaries well enough to know when something store bought would be much more appealing. I promise. This was a one time experiment, and I learned a lot from it.

I also want to thank you all in advance for choosing not to make fun of me this Christmas when you open your gifts. Remember, it’s the thought that counts right?

Merry Christmas!

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