Wish you ALL could have been there!

Tonight I went to our new SuperWalmart. Well, it’s not new, but I have only been there one other time since it opened, so its new for me. Anyway, it has a very cool escalator system because the parking is actually under the store, so once you have your cart, you ride one escalator down and your goodies ride the other special “carts only” escalator.

Well, silly me, I was kind of spacing out and pushed my cart through the special “carts only” door and at that exact moment realized my youngest child was still IN the cart. I wasn’t exactly sure if she was in real danger or not, so I hung on too, and suddenly felt sure we were either going to be decapitated or lose a limb as we began a very steep decent.

Thankfully I realized pretty quickly no one was going to die. So then it was just tooooo funny. I knew I looked completely odd riding down the cart only escalator with my 3 year old, and H6 thought it was hysterical!  By the time we reached the bottom, the girls and I were cracking up.

It was definitely the kind of moment I would have appreciated having you all there to celebrate my heroism and complete randomness, and alas, it was just us, laughing a little harder than the situation probably warranted, but oh well.

Sorry the blog has been a little light recently. We’ve been busy with good things. We went to visit the little house we have rented for the spring. It’s going to be tight, but cozy. The owner and I have similar tastes, so I love all the wall colors and I think it’s going to feel like home pretty quickly.

We’ve had someone take a second walk through our house and it seems very positive, so we are hopeful again for some good news there.

Ben is officially done commuting without us!!!

And last but not least, we are expecting another baby!

(Just kidding! But, hey…wouldn’t THAT be a trip right now!)

10 thoughts on “Wish you ALL could have been there!

  1. Megan says:

    Jess, I laughed so hard Craig was all, “what?” and I had to read it to him.

    We have a Target with one of those and I’ve always been too chicken to figure it out so I park on the other side where I can walk right into the store. Now I want to go try it. But without a kid in the cart, of course.

  2. Oh my goodness, give me a heart attack!! Not that expecting again would be bad, except that I have had a completely terrible experience with my 18 year old, so all I can think of is *teenagers!*
    I wish you had had a camera for the cart situation…..I’m having trouble invisioning it, as I’ve never seen such a thing. How fun!

  3. Sherry says:

    Ohh, you are TERRIBLE! That really isn’t nice to surprise pregnant women like that! I didn’t know our old town had grown so cool as to have a super wal mart with an escalator! I wish ours had parking underground, we had a blizzard yesterday and it is 15 below today! Glad to see your seperation is over and you all get to live together. Miss you!


  4. Oh, that was too funny. The story and the pregnancy. I secretly think you ARE preggars and are testing the waters. So I’ll give the first CONGRATS!! I’m thrilled for you and Ben. Let me know the due date! You know I have to be pregnant without a move. So, I keep waiting for the Lord to move us…oh, about a week before I’m due. That’s how we roll here in NC.

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