Meet Charlie IV


Here he is in all his glory. Every year it turns into a bit of gospel presentation as we talk about how God chooses the least of these, and all He does on our behalf to redeem us.

The kids did the lion’s share of decorating this year – notice most of the ornaments are on the bottom of the tree. Hee Hee!

3 thoughts on “Meet Charlie IV

  1. i LOVE it!!

    what a great tradition!

    i started one last year sort of like that…only it was with myself…and dave borud’s saw.

    but i’m going to steal it even more when i have kids.

  2. ness says:

    This is truly awesome. I confess, you are a better human than I. It was my gig in highschool to sell trees from my dad’s lawn and garden store. I know which trees hold their needles best and which ones smell the best…and I am a total tree snob.

    I actually woke up this morning thinking about you and praying for you. You’ve got friends, girl, even if they are far away and you’ve never met them in person!

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