Charlie IV

Last night, Charlie IV arrived! I’ve posted about this before, but our annual Christmas tradition is to visit a local tree farm and find the cheapest, ugliest, saddest looking tree we can find, and bring it home. I usually really enjoy the whole process, from trying to tweak the tree into at least looking like a tree instead of a bush gone bad, arranging it in the room to hide it’s inevitable bad side, and making it shine with our treasured ornaments and lights.

This year was the first year I felt a twinge. We were just about to cut Charlie IV down, when I spied one of the most beautiful blue spruce trees I’ve ever seen… 6 foot tall, beautiful blue/green needles, perfect conical shape… Certainly  a far cry from the bushy, reckless, sappy beast we were just about to call ours. It was calling to me, “Choose me. I’m IT! I’ll make you so happy. I will make all your Christmas dreams come true.”

Thank goodness Hunky Hubby had the saw, and is less easily swayed by the trappings of this world. Charlie IV is ours and we are very happy to have him. Pictures coming soon!

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