Mushy Brain

I got back yesterday from the conference I mentioned last week. The content was wonderful, but intense.

Check out the Sessions:

1. The use of story in gaining perspective and healing

2. Emotional and spiritual maturity – How people grow

3. Listening Prayer

4. Finding Freedom from Core Lies

5. Core Lies continued

6. Healing Prayer

7. Identity Formation and Transformation

8. Strengthening Male and Female Identities

9. Discipleship from the Inside Out

I didn’t even make it to everything and it was still way beyond my capacity to immediately process and absorb. If there is any interest, I could post some over the next days about any of the topics I listed. It was such good stuff. I’m working on some thoughts about the first session in particular, which was one of my favorites.

It’s good to be back with the kids. We’ve had a great day together, just enjoying each other. Thanks for your prayers!!

3 thoughts on “Mushy Brain

  1. steph says:

    Love the topics. would love to hear what you thought….. We’re doing quite a bit of that stuff while we are home. Hello dear (= I know it has been awhile!

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