Playing Hooky

We pulled the kids out of school for a couple of days to hang out with Ben in Dekalb. We just came back from bowling at the student center with a few students. It was so great to meet the students Ben has been talking about for months. One is an RA, and is treating our entire family to breakfast at the dorm cafeteria in the morning. I am so pumped. He told me there are 20 different kinds of mostly sugary cereals to choose from. It’s a carbo-addicts heaven on earth.

We have also looked at a couple of places we may be able to rent for the spring semester. Holy Cow. I’m excited to have a chance to scope out the city before we buy -which Lord willing we will be able to do next summer when our house sells???????? Anyway, we’ll also be giving homeschooling a trial run while we figure out the schooling options our new city has to offer. I am super excited. Did I say that already? Let me say it again. I’m super excited.

I’ll end here, but I should mention I blew Ben out of the water with an amazing 93 at the alley tonight!

One thought on “Playing Hooky

  1. Megan says:

    So does that mean you will rent for the spring semester regardless of what happens with your house? I’ve been hoping you all could figure a way to be together again.

    And 93? Wow. Those are some kinda skillz…

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