Tagged. I’m it.


This tag came with a fancy award thingy! Wow. Thanks Megan! I’m supposed to tell you 6 things about myself and then tag/award 6 other bloggers whom I think qualify as “kreativ.” I think we are all tired of random facts about me, so I’ll try and be a little “Kreativ” here…

My Acrostic Poem, entitled “Mommie – Spelled this way to be Kreativ and to accomplish the required number of facts…

M – for my Maiden Name – which is Bridge.

O – for Organization, which I love, but can not seem to maintain. My home usually looks picked up and pulled together, but just open a cabinet and you will get biffed by something large and heavy falling from a precarious place in the bedlam.

M – is for Mustard Seed, which is the actually size of my faith, and I’m so thankful to the Lord that apparently, that is all that is required. As in all other areas of life, even in parenting, I frequently wrestle with doubt about my methods and abilities.

M – is for Making Up, which we do a lot of in our home. We are not a well oiled machine. We sputter along and often break down for brief periods. But, we also make up very well!

I – Insightful. Each of my kiddos has an area of unique insightfulness, which I enjoy. H6 – leadership styles and which to employ when. T5 – ways to construct space ships using legos, Knex, tinkertoys, or paper. L3 – My Little Pony personality traits and friendship networks.

E – Enough. I have more than enough. When I imagined my dream life as a kid, I imagined the life I am living right now. I didn’t know how hard it would be sometimes, but I can’t imagine living any other kind of life.

I’d like to officially Tag/Award the following Kreativ Bloggers!

Ness, Jeanna, Megan, Khrista, Susie, and Kelly.

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