We are all giddy with cabin fever today, since little L3 has the stomache flu. When I say giddy, I mean it. H6 is bouncing from wall to wall. I just tried to rope her in a little helping me make lunch – for those of us who can eat that is. 😦 Anyway, she grabbed the lunch meat, tossed it on the counter and yelled…

“All we have is over roasted turkey beast and ham.”

She immediately got the mix up and we both collapsed on the floor in millions of giggles. We needed a good laugh today!

2 thoughts on “Giggles

  1. Sherry says:

    Ahh Jess. I just “accidentaly” talked to your hubby because Jeff forgot his phone today and Ben let him use it. Anyways, Ben told me about the flu and I told him that he married a saint and that you are one in a million. He agreed that he “married up”. I’m praying that you don’t get it (or anyone else!). Sorry I can’t be there to help you!

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