Kara, by good friend from many days gone by, just tagged me! Thanks Kara!

So here goes…

7 Things You May or May Not (oooooohhh, how sneaky…) Know About Me…

1.  I met Kara at Eagle Lake Camp, where she and I both married our camp sweethearts – among many, many, many other camp couples who fell in love under the Colorado stars.

2. Despite never having been to camp as a kid, not really being an outdoorsy sort, and actually not really loving lots and lots of kids around me all time, I loved camp ministry and did it for 5 summers and 2 years year-round. Call me crazy – but I loved working outside of every single one of my comfort zones.

3. In a former life, I was very passionate about a cappella chamber singing. I did it in college and sang in a semi-professional group (which means we were all talented, but not paid all that much) after college in Colorado, (while I was doing my camp ministry thing for the big bucks! HA!)

4. I used to wear overalls a lot and thought I looked pretty good in them. This was a huge fashion black hole from which I barely escaped.

OK – I’m going to go a little deep here for the last three…

5. My mom never spanked me and she never raised her voice at me – EVER. Despite living under extreme amounts of stress the details of which I may share some other day, she never took her anger or disappointments out on me. I can not believe what an amazing job she did despite all she was going through. She’s amazing.

6. My dad’s family had a lot of money and gave me very extravagant gifts growing up. For example, I had a fur coat in elementary school. Can you say, RIDICULOUS!!! Anyway, even at a very young age, I knew the gifts came at a price. Love was very conditional. My dad is also a big gift giver. But, I’ve always felt his came from the heart.

7. My brother is the public defender for the Sioux nation in South Dakota. Holy Cow! That is a huge job with a ton of responsibility. To do it well you have to have loads of integrity, grit, energy, knowledge, empathy, and emotional fortitude. My brother does it better than well. He is a totally amazing person!

One thought on “Tagged!

  1. Thank you friend. Loved reading your random thoughts. I have the same feelings about kids. My mother in law once told me I should open a daycare. I told her she was on crack…that I don’t like other peoples kids all that much. Isn’t that terrible? I do love them, just don’t want to have to for money.

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