What’s Up Doc?

I’ve discovered that I naturally divide my day into 3 parts. I work in the morning, do creative stuff in the afternoon (when I can), and play or chill in the evening. This works pretty well for the kids too. They play while I sew or something, and then when they are ready to chill and hang out, so am I. We’ve been on an old movie kick lately. We are all currently loving National Velvet! Anyway, here are a couple of the things I’ve been working on…

This is a little throw quilt for my brother and his wife.

A random bag we ended up giving away as a birthday gift.

Pillow. Why not?

I have a ton of other projects planned as part of our participation in The Advent Conspiracy, with our church. The basics being spend less, give more, and give different kinds of gifts. I decided to make all our gifts this year because I really enjoy it, and find I think and pray for the people while I’m working on something for them. Anyway, I just spent $100 on fabric, which is a considerable savings when I think that I’m basically done Christmas shopping for our entire family, but still, it was a little stressful.

In a last ditch effort to not spend money on Halloween costumes this year, we went with Mummies this year. Thank goodness for the pile of muslin I’ve been hanging on to. It came in very handy at ten minutes until it was time to leave for Trick or Treating.

And thanks to a wonderful selection of multi-cultural dress up clothes from Mexico and Greece (thanks Adam and Gamma) H6 made a wonderful Gypsy/Senorita. For me pulling things together, all hodge podgey, is part of the fun. I hope I can keep the kids on board with this, because store bought costumes, as cute as they are, are pricey! 🙂

Well, enough randomness. Just wanted everyone to know I’m not still in tears – and thanks for all the wonderful well wishes. I just found out I’ve been tagged by a good friend, so watch for more random facts about me later. I know you are all just dying to get back here!

4 thoughts on “What’s Up Doc?

  1. Sherry says:

    Adorable projects! I don’t know how you convince your kids to leave you alone while you sew, but I want to learn!

    I bought costumes last year for just a few bucks after halloween at Walmart and my kids wear them all year long for dress up. Of course when it came to Halloween night they didn’t get worn, one was a soccer player and the other chose a too small frog costume! Whatever!

  2. Tanja says:

    I love having the kids come up with their own costumes. My girls have always had so much fun raiding the house and their dress up trunk to make their own. This year Rebekah even designed and sewed her own gown!! Not only does it save money ; ) but it is great for their imaginations to be allowed to run free.

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