I am America

Not really, of course. But, I will admit, (and please don’t be angry with me all of you who are very decided), I am still on the fence about who to vote for. I won’t go into all the whys here, but I will tell you that I did take 5 “Who Should I Vote For?” online quizzes last night and guess what?

3 told me to vote for Mr. X and 2 told me to vote for Mr. Y. So, I feel like I’m pretty much back where I started. I’ve talked to countless people about this whole thing and I think a lot of people feel like I do. We like some things about one candidate and some other things about another. We dislike a couple things about one, and another couple of things about the other. We don’t like feeling threatened, hoodwinked, marginalized, pigeon-holed, labeled, or insignificant. I’ve felt all of these things as I’ve read and read, thought and thought, talked and talked, and prayed and prayed.

So, hey – campaign headquarter peeps… Can you hear me?? I know you all have major budgets… Don’t think I don’t notice your fancy clothes and private jets. Here I am, your precious swing voter, and I could really use a new stove, a new car for my hubby, and a vacation to a tropic destination. Hook me up and my vote is yours.

Well, I’m kidding of course. 🙂 But here’s to the election coming and going. Amen?

3 thoughts on “I am America

  1. steph says:

    oh my word. I’m so with you. I have my mail in ballot with me and just can’t decide!!!! I have HATED the way McCain has been during the campaign, but I’m not sure there is much correlation between the way a man campaigns and the way he governs. Obama has appeared much more calm and collected during the campaign but who knows what he’ll do in office.
    I’ll take a trip or a car on loan for 4 months at the very least for my bribe……..

    btw I haven’t had time to read anyone’s blog this last month. nice to be back (=

  2. I totally agree. I made myself vote early to have it over with finally. I’m very tired, but yet I don’t want to cop out of an important decision. It’s a tough one. A bunch of mom’s debated the other day and it was very interesting. No one even mention abortion. It seems like eveyone has moved from this very important issue.

    I’m certainly not happy with the last 8 years, but Bush did elect two very good justices. For me, that is enough and that’s why I voted him there. With possibly 3 more important appointments in the next 8 years….it must be thought about as it will have a huge impact on our children. So, that bacame the biggest factor for me as it was 8 years ago. I certainly don’t buy the idea that Christians are either Republican or Democrat. That bugs me!

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