Our New Ford Pick-up Truck…

A few months ago the students here at UW, got together to buy the family a brand new truck! Take a look at this thing…

Did I get ya? Even for a second?? Anyway, they really did spend a pretty penny on this great truck for the kids and they have played with it for at least 1.5 hours a day ever since. There are so many great games to be played. They pretend it’s a school bus, a taxi cab, a mommy van. They play drive through, bank teller, and when they get tired of those games, they tie the sled to the back. There is a wonderful ring/track around the entire house which will now never need to be mowed!

Anyway, Hunky Hubby discovered a new way to get this thing to pull it’s weight around here. After all, these Ford Trucks are supposed to be “work” trucks aren’t they?

Daddy rakes in the backyard, and T5 hauls them to the curb to be picked up by the super leaf sucker machine!

T5 does not like his picture taken… Isn’t there always at least one of those in the family?

Anyway, aren’t our students the bomb for blessing us with something so FUN???

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