I’ve had a string of very annoying goof ups lately…

1. Burned 24 beautiful banana muffins until they were pans of crispy carnage.

2. Burned 12 super chunky chocolate chip cookies until they resembled sliced hockey puck.

3. Forgot to mop up around the iron where I’d been using spray starch creating a little square of doom. Several of us stepped on the square of doom and fell flat on our cushy butts.

4. Ran out of thread mid-skirt. Duhhhhh….

5. Sprayed myself in the face with 409.

6. Gave myself a very bad bang trim.

Ugh. I think I need a vacation! 🙂

One thought on “Grumbles…

  1. Oh ho ho….I had to laugh at number 3~I’ve done it with Pledge on occasioin at a previous house that was all linoleum except the bedrooms (now doesn’t *that* sound beautiful!? It was a rent house, not ours).

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