What else has been going on…

It probably seems as if the kids and I are holed up here in Madison pining away for Daddy and twiddling our thumbs. I promise life is marching on, and most of the time, we are doing very well, considering.

Here are some fall pics which prove the children are still growing, learning, and having fun, and Ben and I are still very much in love, despite all this blasted separation and stress.

T5 continues to astound us with his creativity and mind for engineering, architecture, and physics. He is basically a genius at everything. I may be exaggerating a bit, but I don’t think so.

L3 is growing like a weed! I bobbed her hair the other day to help even it out a bit, and suddenly she looks 25 to me. The only thing giving her away is the fact that her shoes are on the wrong feet.

H6 is as spunky and fun as ever. We took the kids to an apple orchard the other day, and she took off running with L3 down the long row of Cortland apples. We were on a mission to find windfalls to take home and make applesauce with. Ben was able to snap this classic picture of the girls.

This picture says a lot about the two of them. Despite a 3 year age difference, H6 looks forward to playing with L3 when she gets home from school, and vice verse. It’s really a sweet thing.

Back to H6… This apple orchard happened to have some beautiful Black Mountain Sheep, which was an instant draw for H6, our animal lover. She sprinted from the car to the fence and began “Baaaaaaaaing” until each and every sheep made it’s way to the fence for a little scratch behind the ears. She really does have a way with animals.

L3, on the other hand, thought the sheep looked a little suspicious.

T5 will typically not pose for any picture, but this was a rare moment. Maybe he wanted his war wounds to live on in infamy. Poor kid has 3 scrapes on his nose, and one huge goose-egg on his head from various playground accidents. He’s very tough about them though and has been a real champ!

And here we are, in our classic “lean in and snap”, pose. See? We look tired but happy…which is what we are.

3 thoughts on “What else has been going on…

  1. Love the pics! We took our kids to an apple orchard a few weeks back & it was so much fun! Nick dives deep into life & I think he had eaten 3 apples at the same time while in the orchard. I think he was comparing the flavors. I love the picture of the girls holding hands. That one will be precious to them when they’re older.

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