Hard Weekend

Wow, what an emotional roller coaster this weekend was. There were many highs. Ben married a very special couple who we both adore. The wedding was incredibly sweet and classy – one of my very favorites of all time. There is something so wonderful about knowing a couple well at this time in their lives. I got to sing at the wedding, and managed to hold it together, despite the fact the groom was teary, which always, always, makes me sob.

On Friday, when we didn’t hear anything from our Realtor about the mysterious, “theys” we had to let go of that little glimmer of hope. That was hard. Harder than I thought it would be. I did a lot of swinging back and forth from despair, to resolute matter of factness, back to despair, and one more round of resolute matter of factness.

Both Ben and I were dreading this morning all weekend. If there was any novelty in his leaving weekly, it is long gone and it’s just stinky to see him get in his car. (Although, God is really, really blessing there and I promise to blog about that very soon. INCREDIBLE STUFF!!)

So, somewhere in our hearts, we reconciled ourselves to not selling the house, and trying to find a rental situation. We rearranged the living room back to how we like it. (Or Realtor staged it for us, making it very beautiful, but basically totally unusable.) Then we talking through finances and time lines, and sent out an email to 8o people looking for people who might be able to rent the house this spring.

My fragile little heart was headed down this new little path… and then the phone rang.

“We’d like to show your house Tuesday at 10. Is it available?”

Silence. Fragile little heart can not fathom this. I literally just pressed the SEND button on the “RENTERS PLEASE” email.

Fragile little heart manages to cue tentative little voice to say, “Yes.”

6 thoughts on “Hard Weekend

  1. ok, that’s 9:00 here in denver… i’ll be praying tomorrow morning… sorry about the goodbyes — that really is stinky, but i look forward to hearing more about what’s going on at NIU.

  2. It’s funny how God works. As soon as you let go of your own will (to sell the house) He gives you what you want! (Well, I hope so in this case!) PRAYING!!!!

    Does Ben have a CD Player in his car? Have you made him a Mix CD??? 😉

  3. jessdager says:

    This was Ben’s second wedding! He’s a totally stud at it…if I do say so myself. I guess it’s part of the blessing of working with college folks – they get married a lot! Ben is a “licenced minister of the gospel” -commissioned by our church in TN. So, our pastor there recently gave him the OK (after some counsel and instruction in TN) to marry folks. It’s been really neat.

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