Couldn’t have said it any better…

Tired…so tired. And today, I just can not handle our neighbor boy. He’s nice. But, when he comes over everyone starts playing very wildly and things happen…like the grill getting knocked over…like H6 getting twisted up and bruised by the swing. And, he doesn’t like my cooking, and isn’t afraid to tell me so. So, anyway, today, I’m just not up for it all.

H6 isn’t either I guess. After the boys decided to slide random things from the garage down the slide (flower pots, an old tea pot, etc.) she stormed over to them and launched into the following…

“I am tired from school and you boys are too crazy. None of us want to play this game. Please everyone. Go into your own homes. Now.”

If only they actually had. Somehow they figured out a new game they all want to play and they are still going at it in the back yard.

Just wondering folks. How do you handle neighborhood friends? They are different because in this case, I don’t know the parents as well – just very, very casually. Boundaries? Help me out here.

4 thoughts on “Couldn’t have said it any better…

  1. Megan says:

    That’s tough. I *think* I would go out and tell the boys that from now on they need to ask before coming into the yard. Tell them there are some times they can play over and sometimes they can’t and they need to knock and ask first. Then tell them this particular time isn’t a good time and ask them to go home because your family needs it to be calm for now.

    Don’t know. Easier said on a blog than done. 🙂

    Any movement on your house yet? That would solve everything! (As if you didn’t know that already…)

  2. steph says:

    Well, when we had a dog and the neighbor kids came to play endlessly, I just told them it was time to leave. It didn’t seem a big deal, but it wasn’t America.
    Is there some sort of “code” out there about not telling other people’s kids to go home?

  3. I was just at my sister-in-laws house and she has the same issue. She is careful to supervise her children where the other parents let their kids run free. She makes no apologies and says this is how we play, talk and interact in our house. I saw her to tell a child to go home. She was gentle but firm. She told the parents clearly that if a child is rude or disrespectful she would send them home. They keep coming, so I don’t think she has burned too many bridges. I could tell if she didn’t her kids would get the idea bad behavior was permitted. Her kids have learned a lot from the persistant love of their present mom. I think the neighborhood mothers really respect her too for her high standards.

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