Tagged – Thank goodness…

I’ve been tagged by my super bloggy friend, Ness over at Happiness is a Butterfly. And I’m so thankful for the tag, because it requires me to identify 7 random things about myself, which is about all I could possibly put together these days. So, Ness, thank you! You are a blog saver!

1. In high school I was voted Best Actress, and Most Likely to Become a Super Star. This is seriously the most hilarious thing because I am a TERRIBLE actress, and terrible is too nice a word. As for the Super star thing – pffffffffffff….

2. My elbows are double jointed and my arms are extremely long. So, when I raise my hands up, I look like a giant “Y” with out even trying. All my kids have inherited this wonderful quality.

3. I really like sparkly diamonds. I would like to have many, many, many sparkly diamonds for my ears, fingers, and toes. However, I can not justify or afford them, but I still really, really, like them.

4. I grew up with a pet pig that terrified me. It would chase me and try and bite me. Once, my parents came home to find me on the kitchen table, with the pig growling/snorting at me.

5. Staying on that theme, we also had donkeys and one day I came home to a scene I will never, ever forget. Various family members were sitting on the poor donkeys faces while they were being, um, “fixed.” It was terrifying.

6. I was a very bad girl and never, ever took my prenatal vitamins. I also have only experienced contractions 4 or 5 times. With my first, I had an epidural fairly early, and my 2nd and 3rd were both inductions and I got the epidural BEFORE I had even one contraction. I am the ultimate woosie.

7. I talk to myself when I am really happy. 🙂

So, I hope you will all still come back and read Sassy Pants now that I’ve cleared the air. Thanks again Ness!

3 thoughts on “Tagged – Thank goodness…

  1. Animal fixing. Oh, my! I remember witnessing a cow being fixed when I was 7 or 8. It wasn’t an accidental viewing, though. The men asked us kids if we wanted to watch. Why would they let an 8 year old watch. Why, Jess? Why???

    I talk to myself when I’m agitated. It’s almost always random gibberish. Seriously.


  2. MOLETA MEGAN'S Mom says:

    Oh, Jess, We had a mule, named “Ole Beck”, when I was growing up. My sister was always scared of her. One night I dreamed that Ole Beck grabbed Margaret and ate her. I was quick to share this funny dream with Margaret. She still gets mad when I tell this story.

  3. One more thing. You said you never took prenatal vitamins. I never did my Kegel exercises. Now, when I run, there are…issues.
    P.S. Good for you for running a 5K!!! I can only hope I ‘ll make it.

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