Today all windows were open, the curtains were gently flapping in the wind, and the fresh air was wafting in. Around 2 p.m. the residents on my street MAY have heard something that sounded like a cow being attacked by a rabid raccoon. There MAY have been some shrieking, someone yelling, “WHAT!! YOU ARE KIDDING ME!! NOOOOOO WAAAAAAAY!!” and then there MIGHT have been some very loud sobbing and one more touch of shrieking.

All I can I say is, getting accidentally head butted in the nose by a 3 year old causes nose bleeds, and feels like your entire face is falling off. All I can also say is, why does this always happen to me when the windows are all open?

2 thoughts on “Giggles

  1. Oh my word, a little autistic girl I was working with did this to me one time. It was all I could do to hold her at arms length until my eyes stopped watering and I could see again! I thought my nose was broken. It wasn’t, and while she did it on purpose, she didn’t mean to, if that makes sense….

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