Furnishing a home without a furniture budget is a challenge. We’ve been blessed with some incredible gifts, plenty of Craig’s list finds, and the occasional garage sale steal. Meet my new favorite Craig’s list find – H6’s new bed.

(The fact that the quilt is crooked in this picture is driving me slightly bonkers… I hope you can overlook it…)

Anyway, I’ve been waiting for this bed for years. I would always describe it as “White, antiquey looking, spindles for sure, and some sort of curvy part.” Is that not IT???

It has a very shabby chic look to it, which really means it just needs a new paint job, which is not pressing enough to keep me from setting it up right now to enjoy for a while. And the best part is, it was $15. Actually the best best part is, it’s not new.

I’m discovering there is something in me that really, genuinely prefers old. I’ve needed a new Bible for a few years now. I lost Romans out of my old one last year, and only have parts of Acts. But, as cool as some of those new Bibles are, they didn’t feel right. A month or so ago, Barb VanZante let us have a look see through a box of some of Bob’s old materials. An old NASB bible was in the box. It was love at first sight. Flipping through the worn pages felt wonderful.

Anyway, I’ve been whispering grateful prayers all day for the old man who listed this bed so dirt cheap and for the God who made it mine.

4 thoughts on “Sweet

  1. Sherry says:

    I’m missing part of Acts in my Bible too! Wierd! And I share your love for old things and bargains! 🙂 Maybe that is why we get along so well. Are you sure you aren’t called to SD instead of IL?

  2. LOVE the bed!!! I found a white desk in a garage sale for $10 & it is all scratched up, but it looks cool! The “it was meant to be this way” word for it is “distressed”. I hope I look that cool when I am “distressed”!

  3. Rose says:

    Hi, jess. Love the bed…and the story about the Bible. Mine (an old NASB study bible) is missing part of Genesis, but I can’t give it up. I just keep gently placing that section back in day after day. Anyway, my husband has bought me two NEW Bibles for various holidays, and I keep taking them back to the bookstore. He knows I do this, he just keeps hoping that one of the bibles will stick and I’ll give up my old one. It just can’t be so just yet! I’m with you…

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