Toaster Strudel

Thank you for praying for the house! All I know at this point is that people came through – evidenced by the foot prints left in the lines of my perfectly vacuumed carpet.

We had a bit of celebration tonight. What are we celebrating? Well, I guess really nothing except that everyone survived Mommy’s cleaning frenzy last night. After Sunday’s open house, I (of course) took out all the fall clothes and began sorting and washing it all. (Think PILES, PILES, PILES!) When we got the call that mysterious “they” wanted to see the house in the morning, there was much rejoicing, and much folding and putting away.

We are also celebrating you – the faithful friends who are supporting us in prayer!

Back to the celebrating. When Daddy is home, celebrating means a big meal with all the fixins’ and dessert. When Daddy is gone – it means Toaster Strudels and scrambled eggs! Yipppeeee!!! I have never ever bought them before, because I’m usually one of those snotty healthy shoppers. But, I’m seriously reconsidering. I have literally just discovered the wonders of things you can make in the toaster in 10 seconds.

Besides the fact that we are all now high on sugar and feeling a little overly full, we will commence the terrible waiting and wondering. Will the mysterious “they” make an offer? Will any more mysterious “thems” want to come and look at the house? Why am I here? What is God’s will for my life?

Wait… I think I better narrow this down a bit. On second thought, why not just finish off this nice little box of Toaster Studel and call it a day.

And really – thanks a lot!

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