Random Family Outing

We had an open house this afternoon from 2-4. T5 was up last night throwing up, so we had to find someplace to go without people to infect, and something low key as we were all feeling the effects of being up steam cleaning the carpets at 3 a.m. On any other occasion, I would have waited until the morning to steam clean, but the vomit was a very stainy orange. YUCK! Even though we told the girls what we were doing, somehow in the haze of 3 a.m.-ness they still thought the world was coming to an end and screamed at the top of their lungs the entire time the steam cleaner was operating. Fun – Fun.

Anyway, we ended up having a very interesting, if not random, family outing this afternoon. We drove about 30 minutes away into the country, found a very podunk town, parked in a somewhat seedy parking lot, folded down the seats in our van, set up blankets and pillows, pulled out the snacks, and watched a movie on our tiny DVD player. We were out of the house, we were away from people, we were snuggly in the back of the van, and we all really enjoyed it.

Very, very, random.

6 thoughts on “Random Family Outing

  1. ness says:

    that’s the kind of thing your kids will remind you of when they are bigger. “Remember the time…..” they will say…..and you will shake your head and laugh.

    Won’t that be nice?

  2. steph says:

    how funny. I was laying awake early this morning because of jetlag praying for your house to sell (= Hope it worked!! SOOO sorry to hear about the kids screaming through the steam cleaning. What a nightmare.

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